Embarcadero drives iPad and iPhone enterprise apps with SQL database for iOS

Developer tools provider Embarcadero has announced a Structured Query Language (SQL) database for Apple’s iOS platform, a move that could make it easier to build enterprise applications for the iPad and iPhone.

Available immediately from Embarcadero and its partners, InterBase ToGo for iOS is an embeddable and scalable relational database tool, aimed at developers that need to build a lightweight database into multi-device applications.

InterBase ToGo is already available in versions for Windows and Mac OS X, providing a common relational database across all three platforms.

Embarcadero vice president of marketing and products Michael Swindell said: “With business now being conducted on mobile devices every day, developers are in need of an embedded database and application solution that can scale with their business requirements.”

The move mirrors Microsoft’s decision to integrate SQL Server Compact into its Windows Mobile platform some years ago, which similarly helped enterprise customers to build robust applications across Windows desktops and mobile devices at the time.

InterBase, combined with Embarcadero’s RAD Studio XE4, creates a complete end-to-end multi-device development suite for Windows, Mac and mobile, according to the firm.

Volume pricing is available for InterBase ToGo, while a free trial edition can be downloaded from the Embarcadero website.

Embarcadero also announced IBLite, a free-to-deploy InterBase SQL database for iOS, available with its Delphi XE4 and RAD Studio XE4 editions with mobile support.

Customers can easily scale from IBLite to InterBase ToGo if they require encryption, multi-core support or larger database file sizes, the firm said.


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